Talent representation

Jim Robinson

As President of the ABC Radio Networks and President of the ABC Radio Stations in Washington, DC,  I worked with some of the most accomplished talent in radio including Paul Harvey, Rick Dees, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michael Baisden, Doug Banks, Brian McKnight and many others. I was fortunate enough to be recognized by R&R as News/Talk Executive of the Year and named to Radio Ink’s 40 Most Powerful People in Radio five times.pub-logos

My role as agent is to help talent achieve their financial and creative ambitions in a supportive work environment. Today’s multi-platform marketplace brings new opportunities and expectations. I have unique knowledge and experience in these areas, as it was an important part of my work at ABC. I work with talent to maximize their potential across all platforms. My knowledge of management’s perspective in both the local and syndication markets adds significant insight to your future negotiations.

Featured Clients

Rick Dees
The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Countdown

Jody Dean
Jody Dean & the Morning Team
KLUV, Dallas

The Bo & Jim Morning Show
KZPS, Dallas

Blaine Fowler
The Blaine Fowler Morning Show
WDVD, Detroit

Lauren Crocker
The Blaine Fowler Morning Show
WDVD, Detroit

Don Carpenter
The Dr. Don Morning Show
WYCD, Detroit

The Chris Plante Show
Nationally Syndicated Show

Jenni Chase
WASH FM, Washington, DC

CoCo Dominguez
Fox 26
Houston, TX

James T. Harris
The Conservative Circus
KFYI, Phoenix

D.L. Hughley
D.L. Hughley TV Show
The D.L. Hughley Show
Nationally Syndicated Show

Jasmine Sanders
D.L. Hughley TV Show
The D.L. Hughley Show

Nationally Syndicated Show

Tim Leary
Tim & Chelsea
WIRK FM, West Palm Beach

Claire Beverly
Fitz in the Morning
KNUC-FM, Seattle

Karen Daiss
co-host of Syndicated
20Twenty Countdown

E.J. Becker
Kansas City’s Morning News, KMBZ

Chilli Amar
Toby & Chilli Mornings
WASH, Washington, DC

Cindy Scull Mornings
97.1 The Eagle
Dallas, TX

Jack Shell
95.5 FM
WFMS, Indianapolis

Nycki Pace
The Johnny Dare Morning Show
Kansas City

ABC News Radio

Heather Branch
Star 94, WSTR, Atlanta

Carl Dukes
Game Time on The Game
WZGC, Atlanta

Nationally Syndicated Show Prep

Universal Comedy Network
Nationally Syndicated Show Prep

Jason Pullman
Jason & Katie
US99, Chicago

Judge Reinhold
Voiceover Actor

Coop & Casey
Mornings 96.5 WTDY
Host of syndicated Red Cup Country

Dave Fuller
Detroit, MI

Rob Stadler
The News Radio 106.7 Morning Show
WYAY-FM, Atlanta

Paul W. Smith
Detroit, MI